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Sep 17, 2012 5:00pm EDT
allen, are expected to focus on the economy. it's co-hosted by the fairfax county chamber of commerce. >>> still ahead, a sensational murder case from the 1970s is headed back to court. >>> a sign of the improving economy that travelers are not too happy about. >>> today marks the 225th anniversary of the u.s. constitution. and now you can get a chance to see a copy of it. george washington's perm copy of the constitution is on display out at mount vernon. hand-written notes and brackets made by washington can be seen around the key passages outlining the president's responsibilities. the constitution was adopted on september 17th, 1787 by the constitutional convention in philadelphia. >>> it is just september, but experts are saying now is the time to book your holiday travel. and you can avoid a case of sticker shock. for the first time in five years hotel room rates are up across the board. in north america, they're up 5% this year. overall, travel is also up. new york city had a record 50 million visitors last year and it suggests the economy is improving. they suggest booking at
Sep 19, 2012 5:00pm EDT
commerce at noon in mclean. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey and news4 anchor aaron gilchrist are the panelists and david gregory will be moderating. >>> get ready for a chilly night tonight. >> we've got a couple of those chilly nights out there over the next couple of days. wait until you see the forecast here. out there right now, 72 degrees. the coolest sunny afternoon in more than three months. winds right now out of the west at about five miles per hour. a very, very nice afternoon, feeling very fall-like across our region. satellite and radar showing the cold front now well off the coastline. that's good news for us, meaning plenty of sunshine and clear skies. that will also mean a very cool night tonight. through your morning, let's head down to fairfax county. springfield area, look at temperatures around 69 degrees at 7:00. 60 by 11:00. waking up to a temperature of 51 there. many of you will once again be in the 40s. and that's not the coolest night in the seven-day forecast. i've got that forecast coming up. jim? >> see you then, doug. thank you. >>> mary
Sep 18, 2012 5:00pm EDT
-sponsored by the fairfax chamber of commerce gets underway at noon in mclean. julie carey and aaron gilchrist are the panelists. >>> when we come back, a prominent d.c. abolitionist has a place in the u.s. capitol. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood. this big statue of frederick douglass. >>> and >>> a statue of famed abolitionist frederick douglass is finally going to get a home in the halls of congress. >> it will join statues from the nation's 50 states. as tom sherwood reports, the honor for the civil war leader has been a long time coming. >> reporter: frederick douglas is barely seen by the people walking by. the former slave and educated abolitionist battled for the rights of all people. winning world recognition. but an effort to get the statue to a ceremonial spot in congress has language wished for years until now. the d.c. democrat eleanor holmes norton and dan lundegren from california reached a bipartisan compromise to have douglass moved to capitol hill. >> i made a promise to the delegate. to the congresswoman that we would do this. i wanted to assure that there was some r
Sep 20, 2012 5:00pm EDT
commerce debate was telecast on nbc 4, and moderated by nbc's david gregory of "meet the press." former governor and senator george allen turned nearly every question to the need for more and better jobs. >> the job creators have the confidence, and certainty to hire again. >> reporter: tim kaine, also a former governor, turned nearly every question into criticism on the capitol hill and in the presidential race, saying people want pulling together, not partisan bickering in washington. >> puts partnership over partisanship and substance over sound bites. >> reporter: kaine also said washington must act quickly to avoid a fiscal cliff because of the stalemate on the hill, saying a mix of cuts and revenue increases are the way to go with everyone who could paying some federal tax. allen said cuts were the root to reform. the two candidates most nearly agreed on one foreign policy issue, that america should be fighting terrorism, not nation building in afghanistan. >> we've given the afghan people in their regions, in their provinces every opportunity to stand up and take control of their
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4